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~Believe With Us, and the Magic of The Season Will Never End....~


In Memorialization of Vinnie

Sadly, on August 7, 2008, Santa & Mrs. Claus lost one of the oldest and dearest


little Reindeer to Cancer. Although our little Vinnie wasn't a 'sleigh' Reindeer, he was


just as near and dear to our hearts as one of our sweetest and most loving of them all.


We feel blessed to have had 14 wonderful years with him loyally by our sides, especially


Mrs. Claus. He was her constant companion all throughout the North Pole and whenever possible on some of our various excursions around the world.


There is no better way to memorialize him than through photos. 

He truly was a magnificent animal both inside and out and we will miss him more than anyone can imagine.


As a sidenote, please consider supporting your local Humane Society with a contribution.


There are so many wonderful pets out there that need homes, far too many, unfortunately, that can be placed in forever homes. It costs to keep a Humane Society up to par, so if you are unable to adopt, please contribute what you can to help out. We would be so grateful if you could see it in your hearts to do that.


Also, please take the time to spay your female pets or Neuter your male pets. This one simple act on your part will prevent unwanted births and save so much heartache for so many that are left to deal with unwanted puppies and kittens. Spaying and Neutering your pet and encouraging others to do the same is the greatest act of kindness you can give.